nsai lms_authorisedverifier_purpleDublin Tanker Repairs Services are an Authorised Verifier for the NSAI Legal Metrology Service for truck mounted oil meters that are currently in trade use. Under the Metrology Act (1996), all such meters should be verified and operators of vehicles without Verified meters are subject to prosecution under the Act.

Whilst there is no written legislation as to the frequency of calibration and verification of meters, verification must be carried out in the following instances:

  • If the meter has been repaired causing, or possibly causing, the integrity of the meter to be compromised
  • If any seals to the meter or its associated components become broken or detached
  • If the meter has been recalibrated following repair work or replacement of components.
  • If directed by an Officer of the Legal Metrology Service

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It is important to remember that oil flow meters are very delicate instruments and need frequent checking to avoid heavy stock losses for the operator. A 1% loss of throughput amounts to a significant financial loss and with oil prices at an all time high, it is possible to lose in excess of €25,000 per year per truck. You may also wish to consider fitting temperature compensation equipment to your existing system. This will help eliminate or reduce your stock losses. This is a reasonably simple retrofit and is a very cost effective solution in reducing your stock loss overhead. Contact us for a no obligation quotation.

Our highly skilled technicians are fully trained to ensure that your meter can be calibrated and verified. Should your meter require any repairs, our technicians can carry out these repairs minimising any delays caused by failed verifications. We carry a comprehensive range of parts & spares so you are assured that your vehicle can return to service without any undue delay. We offer appointments at short notice to help you comply fully with the Regulations. We can calibrate and verify all makes of meters, both mechanical and electronic. We are the only Authorised Verifier for truck mounted oil meters with a Leinster base. We can also offer an onsite service by special request. Please contact us on 01 8790300 for further information.